For nearly fifty years, on the first Sunday of July each year, the Diocese of Middlesbrough has organised the Postgate Rally. This takes the form of an open-air Mass, to commemorate the Blessed Martyr, which is  concelebrated by many diocesan priests together with the Bishop. It attracts a congregation numbered in hundreds from all corners of the diocese and beyond. The venue alternates each year between Egton Bridge and Ugthorpe. The Mass generally begins at 3 pm, preceded by hymn singing from 2.30. In recent years, a small group sets off an hour before the Mass begins to take part in a pilgrim walk from Ugthorpe to Egton Bridge, or vice versa. Click here to see more photographs The Rally always closes with the Postgate Hymn, traditionally believed to have been written by Father Postgate himself whilst in prison in York awaiting his trial.
1973 Postgate Rally at Egton Bridge